Transformational Medicine

Transformational Medicine is a general term that describes addressing in some means the underlying vibrational root cause of disease. The vibrational root cause is an unnecessarily complex way of saying ‘habits of thought’ that were practiced long enough to manifest in physical form. For example, long standing anger, frustration or determination may manifest as muscle tension (such as back pain or neck pain) or spasm, or a stroke or heart attack, or even a malignancy. The speed with which one manifests thoughts to physical form reflects the power of one’s focus. Some people suffer with more tremendous physical ailments, not because they are “bad” or less than in any way. In fact, these people are powerful creators, and would most benefit from understanding this material, so that they can powerfully create health.

Most forms of medicine are addressing only symptoms (such as pain, dysfunction or a tumor mass). Though, of course, they may address a mechanism of arrival at the symptom (a thorn embedded in the skin that is maintaining an infection, or a hypothyroid state that is causing low energy, or a fracture that is causing pain). But there is a why beyond the why. Why is the person continually injuring themselves, or why did they injury themselves then? Why did the thyroid lessen it’s function? Why are the bones osteoporotic?   WHY? WHY? WHY?

Some have called my practice, “an alternative to alternative medicine”, because most alternative medicine works in a way that is similar to western medicine. I.e., addressing symptoms or mechanisms. Typically, the person presents their body to the practitioner and asks to be “fixed.” Often (but not always), not very much changes in the ‘habits of thought’. Examining it carefully though, relief of symptoms can give tremendous hope, and that can be hugely beneficial to the habits of thought. Conversely, supporting symptom relief too effectively may delay the inevitable addressing of necessary underlying issues. For example, if someone is exhausted because they are living a lifestyle that is horrible (toxic, rough, degrading, horrible hours, lack of attention to self-care), propping them up with Natural or allopathic remedies may help them to feel better, but might also allow them to continue along an unhealthy path, leading to perhaps a bigger crash down the road, that is not so easily remedied. Of course, an allopathic encounter may have an unintended consequence of (unwittingly) engendering fear and hopelessness. A change of habit of thought that is not health-supporting.

I believe that there is tremendous transformation potential in living every day. Tuning into it means that life becomes a wonderful and deeply gratifying experience. Not being aware of it means that life may feel unnecessarily hard.

In this process of changing habits of thought, I employ several tools for which I am extremely appreciative. To this end I use transformational homeopathy (Rubimed), Micro-Bioenergetics, Uncut Flower Essences, Hypnosis and insight most predominantly. To a lesser extent I also use medical acupuncture and Bio-magnetism.

A common sentiment in this process is that instead of THINKING their way though the process (which usually makes it worse), they FEEL their way through. Unless dealing with an enlightened being (I don’t know any, and am certainly not one myself), it is a process that takes time. So, with these techniques lighting the way, other natural medicine remedies are employed as needed to provide relief. Watching patients I see them insidiously change their habits of thought, and generally become happier and healthier. This process is so in the background, that unless they have pretty good insight, they may not make the connection as to why they are feeling better, or may not remember how they actually were feeling before.

Helping people become happier and healthier by finding their true selves is very gratifying work. This is why I love working with Transformational Medicine.