Myofascial Interlink

Myofascial Interlink is a very new field, developed by Dr. Joe Schafer, DC.  He is an American Chiropractor living in Europe.  Dr. Schafer is a wonderful innovator who was not satisfied with repeatedly correcting the same subluxation.

This technique amazingly removes strain patterns in the body.  This is especially valuable after injuries.  Involved tissue is usually muscle, but the technique can also treat: bone, tendon, disc, organ and other connective tissue.  The technique seems to be based on tissue patterns set up in embryologic development.  It also connects to acupuncture meridian information. I find this technique to be deeply corrective, but still not in the ‘changing habits of thought’ level.  This means that it might be a one-time correction, OR the lesion may recur when both that ‘habit of thought’ and the strain pattern in the body co-incide.  This at the least gives some relief and gives the opportunity to reflect on the “why now?” should the injury recur, providing some insight.

A recent patient remarked that it was “strangely relaxing”, an interesting comment after some really deep tissue work.  I find great benefit in this technique of strongly giving people relief now.
I have taken 3 courses from Dr. Joe Schafer himself, so far, and look forward to learning all that I can of this very new modality.