MicroBioenergtics is a branch of Bio-Magnetism, developed by Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios. Dr. Rios was a surgery resident in Mexico, who was curious and open-minded enough to attend a Bio-Magnetism course.  He was later recruited by Dr. Goiz to become a university instructor in Bio-Magnetism, and left Allopathic medicine. Dr. Rios took the information a significant step further and recognized that each Bio-magnetic pair also correlates to specific emotional condition/s. This emotional state renders one susceptible to contracting that organism. This explains some of the variability of infectious susceptibility. Dr. Rios has developed procedures that are powerfully transformational. These involve doing some fairly elaborate Bio-energetic testing, then using the pairs with magnets in place, or in circuit to work through the issue on the spot until the change has taken place. There can be many things to focus a session, such as an underlying belief that one wants to be sick, or a predominant emotional state (any!), a dysfunction of a specific tissue, or a specific organism, or general tension in the body.


Dr Rios has been an instructor for The Biomagnetic Pair Certification at the University of Chapingo in Mexico UACH, for over 10 years, plus he has a very extensive and busy practice in Mexico City where he has treated thousands of patients successfully. He is also very well known and respected by Biomagnetism, Medical and Alternative Medicine Practitioners in Mexico, Spain and other countries as he is considered to be one of the most seniors Biomagnetism Instructors in the world. Being also a member of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics ISNN, member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences IONS and a member of the Metabolomics Society.

In the past few years he has being doing an amazing and extensive research on the Emotional, Energetic, Genetic and Transgenerational  causes of disease  and how it relates to Microbes, which help us understand why certain people tend to pick up certain pathogens. He discovered that these pathogens are actually here to teach us and help us overcome fears, traumas and other emotional issues so we can attain a balanced and healthy body, mind and spirit. As patients are treated with microbioenergetics, they both get better and illness tend to not to reoccur. {Helena Guerrero}


I find Micro-Bioenergetic to be powerfully transformational. I have taken four courses so far: Level I training (twice), level II and Pediatric MicroBioenergetics, all from Dr. Rios himself. I find Dr. Rios to be one of the most inspirational individuals that I have ever met. He has an incredible breath of scientific and alternative literature and has a level of big picture comprehension that is delicious. Furthermore, he is a gifted speaker, compassionate, humble and a funny and entertaining speaker.