Introducing: A completely different way of healthcare


Do you have a challenging medical condition, and have pretty much exhausted what traditional medical services can do for you?


Do you recognize that your condition arose at or soon after a time that you were in the midst of challenging life circumstances or under stress, and suspect that there is a connection?


Does traditional medicine consider you as “healthy”, but you still don’t feel as good as you’d like?


Have your physicians “achieved” a diagnosis, but you still feel sick?


Do you have a chronic medical condition where you have been told that you will just have to “live with it”, but feel that there has to be more?


Do you have a scary label, like cancer, autoimmune disease, heart disease or a neurodegenerative condition, and deep inside you know that you can get better?


Do you have a feeling that something is missing from your traditional medical care?


Are you tired of only treating symptoms?


Are you concerned about the long (or even short) term effects of treating your symptoms with pharmaceutical medications?


Are you someone who asks “why” your condition happened, and are not satisfied with answers that involve “bad genes”, “bad luck”, “victim”, “it happens” or “we see this”?


Are you suffering from depression, sadness, anxiety, or feel overwhelmed, fearful or angry, and want something different than being given a label and medications?


Are you frustrated with the limitations of traditional medicine and just want to feel better?


Are you living in chronic pain and searching for hope?


Are you tired of living in fear of becoming caught up in the medical process of endless doctor’s visits, procedures and diagnostic studies, and never quite achieving any real relief, much less a sense of well-being?


I am a pathologist (medical doctor who specializes in the laboratory side of medicine, including understanding disease processes and making diagnoses), who experienced my own medical challenges decades ago.  It inspired me to pursue 22 years (and counting) of alternative medical training.  I have come to some very, very different ideas about why diseases happen.  I left pathology over 6 years ago and started an exploratory clinical practice based on this very different approach.  Over this time, my practice has grown and evolved (and will continue to, to be sure!).  I have come to deeply appreciate that there is a vibrational root to disease processes.  This is the underlying “why”, as in “why diseases happen”.  This vibrational root is the central focus of my working with patients.


In fact, not addressing the vibrational root, while using any manner of therapies, whether traditional (western) or alternative, would be like standing under a running shower, while trying to dry off.


So what do I mean by “vibrational root”?  We could also call it our “habit of thought.”  Not everyone is truly aware of his or her habits of thought.  Those who are more insightful will recognize that some of the time they are happy, passionate, joyful, clear-minded, easy-going, etc., but other times they are hopeful, or determined, or frustrated, or angry, or enraged, or anguished, or overwhelmed, or anxious, or tense, or irritated, or fearful, or doubtful, or tired, or disempowered, or embarrassed, or hopeless, or sad, or pessimistic….  This vibrational root may not be apparent to others observing them (in fact, it often is not).  Conversely, sometimes other (insightful) people can see it in them, even when they cannot see it themselves.  Some people have so buried their emotions that they have lost connection to their own feelings.


The formula for how a vibrational root manifests in a disease process is not direct; it involves the length of time, the intensity of the feelings, the clarity of focus AND, very importantly, the creative power of the individual.  So an individual who is a powerful creator will more quickly manifest a big disease, than someone whose energy is not so powerful.  Most importantly, the process of changing that disease manifestation involves the same variables.  So one with strong creative power also has strong power to change the course of their disease.


While some may call these “issues”, I prefer the term “habits of thought that don’t serve us.”  I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have some “habits of thought that don’t serve them”.  While it could be argued that this seems so insignificant that it couldn’t possibly affect disease processes, others might challenge that these habits of thought are so deeply ingrained, that they are impossible to change.  Indeed, if they are so difficult to change, then surely they must be significant!  Yes, it is possible to change, though clearly not easily done, and yes, when done, it can strongly benefit our health.  I am thrilled to have amazing tools that help change the vibrational root.


I do also use many other alternative modalities as needed to support people in the process.  I am board certified in medical acupuncture, am a bioenergetics practitioner, am certified in applied kinesiology, practice osteopathic manipulation, craniosacral therapy, autonomic nervous system testing, myofascial interlink, hypnosis, homeopathy, and Quantum Neurology among other therapies.  I test for food allergies, geopathic stress, electrosmog, nutrition needs, chemical toxins, infections, structural problems, etc.  I test very specifically for what would benefit each individual.  Of course, any of these modalities may be used as complementary to necessary traditional medical therapies.  In all of this it is my intention to always maintain the focus on the transformational process. This is a process.


In my own medical challenges, I experienced decades of fear and frustration.  I tasted my own mortality.  I am very pleased with where I find myself now, and what I have learned in the process.  I am so appreciative of the experience that I wouldn’t change it for anything.  It is my intention to help guide others in a much more streamlined fashion.  I want to ever more efficiently help guide people on such a journey.  It is my ultimate goal to help change the way we view and understand disease.


I am so appreciative of my patients, who have chosen to work with me, and walk “on the wild side.”  Some came because they intuitively resonated with the approach, others because they were desperate and had exhausted all other options; still others are friends or family members of such patients.  It is delightful watching my patients become happier and healthier in the process.  Rather than serving as an “auto-mechanic” sort of practitioner, who is tasked with “fixing people”, I instead serve to guide people to their own guidance and self healing, and support them in their process.  I believe that no one is “broken” and no one “needs to be fixed”.  I recognize that our bodies are able to repair themselves; often we just need to get out of our own way.


If you are interested in exploring a very different approach to your health care, I would be delighted to discuss it with you further.