Homeopathy is a field that seems counter to those of us with training in physical sciences (I am an ACS certified chemistry major). The medications consist of extremely dilute solutions of substances, often beyond where there is any physical substance present. In fact, the most potent homeopathic remedies are the ones that are the greatest dilutions. In order to attempt to explain how they work would require quantum mechanics and a discussion of energy, instead of substance.

There are several approaches with homeopathic remedies. One is constitutional homeopathy. This approach seeks out a single remedy, at the optimum potency, taken infrequently. The remedies (and potencies) progress with time. I have upmost regard for this transformational approach, and am not (yet) trained as a constitutional homeopath. There are remedies that are available in health food stores, either single low potency remedies or blends for symptom relief. These can be very beneficial, but are generally not transformational. There are also low potency remedies of minerals (Schuessler’s Biochemic Cell Salts), making them more biologically available.

The form of homeopathy that I am most enthusiastic about are Rubimed remedies. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Reimar Banis of Switzerland for developing these. He is a brilliant physician (MD), naturopath, Homeopath, PhD, etc, who recognized that the emotions were really important to the development of disease. He was initially pleased with the use of Bach flower essences, but found that they didn’t go deep enough. He developed the Reba device that allows measurements of the the energy fields of the body; specifically, the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the causal (or intuitive) body. With this device and several decades of experimentation, he developed blends of homeopathic remedies that include homeopathic miasms and nosodes that are transformational.

Still mystifying to me is the ability to not just measure energy in the body, and therefore confirm what is needed and measure the expected changes, but to quantify exactly what is needed and how much. For example, through my testing I may find that someone tests for having difficulty communicating, not feeling heard. I would quantitate that they need, say 3 sets of this issue, which consists of one remedy that supports the chakra where the issue resides (5th chakra in this example) and one a vibrational match to the issue, over 4 months, the issue will be cleared…even if they weren’t told anything about it at all. Through that time, they would likely experience changes that are usually in the background of their life. They may have more vivid dreams; find themselves having greater insight and making firm resolutions about changes that they are making. They are being encouraged along the way, and supported at the same time by the homeopathics. They work powerfully in the background, but are subtle enough that some patients are unaware that the Rubimeds are hugely responsible for their improvements. I find this one of the most powerful tools to change habits of thought. This remedy follows a definite trajectory, and one that is not entered into without specific testing.

I have completed levels I, II and III, and am a certified practitioner. I have also become a trainer for Rubimed, training therapists.

For more information, see biomedicine.com .

I also use Energetix homeopathics, in a Natural Medicine capacity. These are also blended remedies that function to support lymphatic drainage, detoxification and energetic tissue support. These are very beneficial in the category of helping people to feel better now, while the transformational work is underway. I have completed the Energetix College and am a certified practitioner.

For more information on Energetix, see Goenergetix.