Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is an osteopathic therapy focusing primarily on the bones of the skull and the sacrum. This field recognizes that (sometimes subtle) jamming of these bones can have profound physiologic consequences. There is a potential for transformation with craniosacral adjustments, with the resumption is gentle easy, balanced movement. It can also powerfully unencumber the body, by removing major tension patterns. The jamming may have resulted from a physical trauma (head injury, large or small, including birth trauma), or as an emotional holding pattern.

I have taken Craniosacral Therapy Levels I, II and III at Michigan State University, personally taught by Dr. Barbara Brennar. I have also taken 4 Upledger Craiosacral Therapy courses, and look forward to taking Somato-Emotional Release and the Pediatric Series with the Upledger Institute.