Bio-Magnetism is a safe, powerful, inexpensive healing modality.  It began with a conference held by NASA exploring the finding that astronauts coming back to earth often had developed leg length differences, and how applying a magnet over one of their kidneys corrected their leg lengths. A Mexican gentleman, Isaac Goiz attended this conference. Sometime later, he was faced with an advanced AIDS patient, and he was at a loss for how to help him. In desperation he got out some magnets and put one on a kidney. The patients legs, previously even, became uneven! This intrigued him, so with the legs now uneven, he searched for a second point that might cause the legs to become even again. With great patience, he found a second point and the patients legs became even again. He left the magnets in place for 30 minutes. A week later the patient came back to tell him that he was feeling remarkably better. And so was born the biomagnetic pair. Over many decades he and now many collaborators have found specific Bio-Magnetic pairs. These pairs consist of 2 points on the body that are in energetic communication with each other. If they fall out of balance with each other (one too acidic and the other too alkaline), they leave the body susceptible to a specific dysfunction, or infection by a specific organism. It suggests that there is a global energy balancing function of the body. The pairs are the software to the physical body’s hardware.

As a pathologist, I have to remind myself of my microbiology training, and how infections are diagnosed based on laboratory studies, such as culture or immunoassays. However, I have had enough correlations of cases with pathology findings, and testing for the correlated Biomagnetism pair, that I have become quite open to these findings. (Though respectful of the limitations.)

Bio-Magnetism is a gentle, yet powerful way to bring the body back into balance. There are spiritual/emotional pairs, but it does tend to fall into the category of “here I am, fix me”, as opposed to changing habits of thought. I do find it very beneficial in its place. This modality causes one to ponder what is actually taking place in an infection, how “under the radar” infectious diseases are, how they body energy is balanced and regulated and how much micro-organisms and complex energy balancing are at the heart of disease pathogensis.

My training is from Dr. Isaac Goiz himself. I have taken Bio-Magnetism Levels I and II and am a certified practitioner.