Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a chiropractic field developed initially by Dr. George Goodheart, and furthered by numerous talented and innovative individuals.  While it began as a largely structural modality, it has evolved to also encompass mental, and chemical components as well.  Its greatest strength lies in the ability to prioritize what the body actually needs, and when it needs it.  Treating by "evidence-based medicine", means a patient might be given a remedy that gave 15 people moderate relief, 25 people mild relief, 5 people tremendous relief, 30 people no relief, and 25 people ill effect (out of 100 people in study).  This is very different from Applied Kinesiology, where the patient becomes the study of one.  Testing is done to see where that patient's body needs the most help now, and what manner of treatment would be most beneficial.

I first learned of Applied Kinesiology during my acupuncture training 21 years ago.  I coveted this body of knowledge.  I was delighted to finally be able to take the certification course (3 x, over 3 years), with a wonderful teacher, Dr. Allan Zatkin, 6 years ago.  I am as proud of this knowledge and my certification, as any that I have, and enjoy this group of innovators immensely.

For more information, see ICAK-USA.

I crafted my logo after the ICAK logo, but changed the individual in the center (which traditionally showed spinal alignment, central to chiropractic practice), to Alignment as experienced as JOY (i.e. Alignment with oneself), which I consider the essential alignment.